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B.C. Johnson Gets Interviewed by NFReads

B.C. answers the tough questions about huge book mistakes, finding a cover, and the deep unknowable persona beneath his thin veneer of civility. 

On whether personal satisfaction or reader satisfaction is more important:

"Personal satisfaction rates highly, I’m not going to deny it. Writing a book is an excruciatingly long process, and if you can’t entertain yourself than you’re never gonna make it."

Read the full interview here.

B.C. Johnson At Long Beach Comic Con

B.C. Johnson will be sharing a table with "Shrouded City" writer Nathan Schulz on the floor of Long Beach Comic Con in September, 2017. Swing by, get some swag, tell him why his books are terrible, etc. 

Deadgirl: Goneward Coming May 30th

Lucy Day returns in "Deadgirl: Goneward." Roadtrips, revenge, and snacks! Also revenge. Very serious. Here's the cover:

B.C. Joins Other Authors in Google+ Video Chat

B.C. comes in around the "one-hour mark" of the #ReadOn video, but the whole show is postively rife with excellent authors talking about what they love and loathe about the biz. B.C. is the bearded guy in the second half who talks about Stephen King too much.

"Deadgirl" Book Trailer



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