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The novels, anthologies, short stories, and mad ravings of author B.C. Johnson.

The Deadgirl​ Saga


In DEADGIRL, Lucy Day, 15 years old, is murdered on her very first date, fights a Grim Reaper, and tries to make undead romance work. In DEADGIRL: GHOSTLIGHT, Lucy struggles with Drama Class, serial killers who post their murders online, and heartbreak. In DEADGIRL: GONEWARD, Lucy and her friends go on the most dangerous road trip of all time. In DEADGIRL: DAYBREAK, Lucy and the crew recover from their harrowing trip, and make a deal with an old enemy. 


Dying's easy, high school is hard.

Deadgirl B.C. Johnson
Riven: The Bad Rescue of Devon Streeter

Devon's a teenage medic. Bloom's a wannabe gunslinger. Just two best friends hanging at the end of the world. 

When Earth and another world smashed together, everything went sideways. Some people survived, some inhumans too, and they all made for bad neighbors. Fighting for scraps on the face of a changed world, Devon and Bloom have to face alien magic, inhuman monsters, and the inescapable fact that the Merge is going to change them. Deviate them into . . . something else. 

But when circumstance flings Devon and Bloom apart, can they find each other across the wild wastelands? 

Will they recognize each other when they do?

The Harris & Vega Series

Luke Harris and Mel Vega, professional detectives, high school students, and power-couple investigate scandals, corruption, and crime in the most expensive prep school in the state.


The Lancer - Nervous beauty Vanessa needs proof of her boyfriend Jake's infidelity - anything showing the Hinckley Prep star water-polo player breaking her heart. Luke and Mel's routine cheating investigation goes sideways as Vanessa's older sister appears, a world-wise girl with an agenda and a penchant for dark secrets. 


The Locker Door - Alvin Fallow pays to find out who smashed his locker to pieces and pilfered a seemingly useless stack of notes and books. 

The web of intrigue spreads out from there, revealing a sordid scheme that reaches deep into the workings of Hinckley Prep. Theft, embezzlement, fraud, and baseball - just another day in the life for Harris & Vega.


Chronology - Anthology

Contains B.C. Johnson's "In The Clutches of the Mummy Prince" and stories from other authors, including Piers Anthony, J.R. Rain, Richard Roberts, and more. 


"In the Clutches of the Mummy Prince"


Hog McMasters (ex-gambler, ex-Zen Master, former Olympic gold medalist) is hip deep in bandages and blood. From the jungles of Chile to an elaborate supervillain lair off Costa Rica, Hog squares off against dire mummies, grinning malefactors, and the power of friendship.

Darkscapes- Anthology

Contains B.C. Johnson's "Roomies" and stories from other authors, including Piers Anthony, J.R. Rain, J.E. Anckorn, and more. 




Four roommates wake up one morning to discover that every window and door in their home is sealed. With no where to run and no one to turn to but each other, four friends discover that there are much worse things than being trapped. 

There are situations worse than being alone. Like, say, not being alone. 

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