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"Author B. C. Johnson delivers a killer story hitting on all cylinders, an unbeatable novel."

Deadgirl B.C. Johnson

Mallory Heart Reviews


"Five stars . . . This book has guts, muscles, and a heart." 

Offbeat YA

Deadgirl Ghostlight B.C. Johnson

"This was a darker and even more thought-provoking addition to a unique series."

   Metaphors and Moonlight

Daphne Blue.png

"If you need a violent, lesbian harpy in your life (as I apparently did), then I strongly suggest picking this up."

Bright Beautiful Things

               Coming 2023

 "No going back. No coming back."

In DEADGIRL, Lucy Day is murdered on her very first date, fights a Grim Reaper, and tries to make undead romance work.


In DEADGIRL: GHOSTLIGHT, Lucy struggles with Drama Class, serial killers who post their murders online, and heartbreak.


In DEADGIRL: GONEWARD, Lucy and her friends go on the most dangerous road trip of all time.


Dying's easy, high school is hard.

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