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"Author B. C. Johnson delivers a killer story hitting on all cylinders, an unbeatable novel."

Deadgirl B.C. Johnson

Mallory Heart Reviews


"Five stars . . . This book has guts, muscles, and a heart." 

Offbeat YA

Deadgirl Ghostlight B.C. Johnson
Daphne Blue.png

"If you need a violent, lesbian harpy in your life (as I apparently did), then I strongly suggest picking this up."

Bright Beautiful Things

deadgirl5-gravedust placeholder.png

"This was a darker and even more thought-provoking addition to a unique series."

   Metaphors and Moonlight

"Imaginative plot. Unique, mind-blowing afterlife concept/visuals. Flawed yet lovable characters who manage to feel realistic in the middle of mayhem."

Offbeat YA

         Coming August 2024

Meet Lucy Day

In DEADGIRL, Lucy Day is murdered on her very first date, fights a Grim Reaper, and tries to make undead romance work.


In DEADGIRL: GHOSTLIGHT, Lucy struggles with Drama Class, serial killers who post their murders online, and heartbreak.


In DEADGIRL: GONEWARD, Lucy and her friends go on the most dangerous road trip of all time.

In DEADGIRL: DAYBREAK, Lucy and the crew recover from their harrowing trip, and make a deal with an old enemy. 


Dying's easy, high school is hard.

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